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Your conference call services have taken all of the pain out of scheduling our clients' conference calls. Thank you so much for making this one of the easiest things I have to do!

Ann Kottraba

It's saving us time and money on travel, which is great in the uncertain business and travel environment of today. 

John Michael Borg, II

How Toll Free Conference Calls Can Increase Meeting Attendance and Credibility

October 4, 2016 in Resources, Services

Businesses that need phone conferencing should understand the benefits of offering toll-free conference calls. What does "toll-free conference call" mean? Can it increase meeting attendance? Does a free-to-call number increase the perceived value of the call? How does toll-free conference calling increase your company's credibility? How Toll-Free Conference Calls Work A toll-free conference call means the participant does not have to pay long-distance charges to join. Participants get a toll-free number and an access code. At the scheduled time of [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Toll and Toll-Free Conference Calls?

July 27, 2016 in Resources, Services

At Conference Calls Unlimited, and many other conferencing services, there are two main types of phone conferencing: toll and toll-free. While these terms may be familiar to you, do you know what they mean in regards to conference calling? Why or when would a business choose one type over the other? What can a conference participant expect to experience when they dial in with a regular phone number versus a toll-free number? These are some of the questions we want [...]

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How to Teach with Conference Calls

July 20, 2016 in Conferencing Tips, Resources

In business, there’s always a need to train employees, whether it’s introducing new hires to essential company information or the entire office to new technology or software. In education, there’s the opportunity to open up courses to a wider audience by offering virtual options for those that can’t attend class in person. Both of these needs are addressed by using conference calls for virtual learning opportunities. By employing audio conferencing, visual elements through web conferencing, and all of the modern [...]

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Body Language on a Video Conference

July 13, 2016 in Conferencing Tips, Web Conferencing

It’s common knowledge that body language or nonverbal communication makes up a majority of how we’re perceived by others in a conversation—some studies suggest up to 95%! With more and more people conducting meetings, interviews, and other important business conversations online and through video conferencing, many forget how important body language is, even if it’s through a screen. Whether you’re a conference call host or a participant, you can improve your web conference experience and your quality of communication with [...]

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Why Should You Work Remotely?

July 6, 2016 in Communication, News

What’s the big deal about “telecommuting,” “remote work,” or “working from home”? What benefit does it really have for employers and employees? You may have heard these terms a lot lately, as more and more businesses adopt these options for their employees. Flexible work that allows employees to skip commutes and connect through technology to get projects done away from the office is taking off—becoming not just a trend but a must at many companies. has updated statistics as [...]

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Working from Home with Conference Calls

June 29, 2016 in Conferencing Tips, Resources

Many individuals who rely heavily on phone conferencing and web conferencing do so because they work from home or from outside the office frequently. Whether you do freelance or remote work, run a business out of your home office, or have a flexible schedule that allows you to conduct some work from home, chances are you very much rely on connecting with people over the phone or internet to get your business done. Because working from home grows increasingly popular [...]

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10 Ways to Improve Audio on Your Conference Call

June 22, 2016 in Conferencing Tips

Phone conferencing remains the most popular conferencing technology today. Audio quality is essential to both phone and web conferences, and yet it’s the element of conference calls that seems to cause the most trouble and complaints. Why is this? How do you fix the annoying noises, dropped calls, and garbled audio once and for all? Here’s how you can do everything in your power to create the best audio for your important business meetings and events. 1. Choose a quality [...]

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How to Handle Conference Calls: 4 Questions Answered

June 20, 2016 in Conferencing Tips

We talk a lot about how to prepare for great conference calls and why you should use them in the first place. But many times what people want to know most is simply what they’ll experience when participating in or hosting a call. What do I talk about? How long does it last? Who’s on the call? These may be simple questions, but they’re actually important ones. Let’s try to answer some of these common questions with a few quick [...]

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What People are Really Doing on Mobile Conference Calls

June 17, 2016 in Conferencing Mistakes, News

As the global business environment has become more and more mobile, so have conference calls. Growth and new technology in web and phone conferencing allow employees to conduct more work from home or on the road, from meetings to interviews to team collaboration. More people are dialing in from mobile phones than ever to join in on a meeting or event from virtually anywhere—truly everywhere, as we’ll find out. West Unified Communications Services conducted a fascinating survey of over 500 [...]

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Why All-in-One Web Conferencing Works

June 15, 2016 in Web Conferencing

It’s well known that there’s a trend in technology toward gadgets and software that seem to do it all—with users able to take advantage of a dizzying number of functions and features within the same service. Web conferencing has done the same, transforming from simple webinar or video conferencing services to all-in-one collaboration platforms for meetings, events, training, etc. But this kind of collaboration-based software is more than just a trend—it’s already changed the way that companies, large and small, [...]

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