Best Practice: Third Time’s the Charm for Reminders

We're all busy. That makes it very tough sometimes to remember that all important conference call. What day is it? What time is it? What's the conference number to dial…and darn it, which conference code do I use? I've asked myself that same question many times. And too often, the sponsor of the call hasn't helped. They send one instruction, sometimes a week or more, before the call. Help your audience attend. Send them at least 3 reminders. Here's the schedule we recommend. You'll include the instructions when you announce your call or when your audience registers for your call. Then…

7 days before your conference call Send your first reminder one week before the conference call. That gives your audience plenty of time to shuffle their schedule if need be, put your conference call on their calendar or confirm they did this promptly when they first heard of your conference call.

The day before your conference call Ooops! I forgot! Tomorrow's the conference call….This reminder does a fine job of making this experience productive for your callers, not painful.

The day of your conference call The daily fire(s) needs extinguishing. And your guests rise to that occasion. This reminder brings them back to your conference  call.

Remind your guests. They will thank you. Your attendance figures will improve. You'll look like an organizing genius. That's because you are a genius when you follow these simple steps.