Creating Powerful PowerPoint: How to’s and examples from the winners

You're often called on to present PowerPoint presentations in front of live audiences as well as in real-time using any of our web conference services to a remote audience. And you want to create a PowerPoint worth seeing, one that generates…well, power.

Slideshare recently conducted a contest to create the most powerful, compelling PowerPoint presentations in the world. You can see the 2 groups of winners here with, one group determined by the members and one group determined by 4 experts in communication.

( Warning: I've found the slideshare site to be V…E…R……..Y…..slow. Could be a sign of growing popularity. It was definitely a source of frustration. )

Here's a few observations:

* No audio. You're the speaker. Audio portions within a PowerPoint presentation are undependable and force the audience to ask what's your role in the presentation. If it's nothing more than clicking the slides forward….

* Variety is the spice of life. So it is with PowerPoint slides within a single presentation. Vary the location of text, vary the font of text and the colors used. Use a variety of images.

* Know your audience. Your audience members are children. Ok, they're not. But their attention span may cause you to wonder. Keep the images simple, the text large, the slides moving along. DO NOT READ TEXT OFF YOUR SLIDES.

* Images tell the story. Images serve to enhance the power of YOUR presentation. They drive home the point. The right image can deliver a visceral, primal understanding of your point.

* Big and simple. Keep the text big and the content simple.