Customer’s Conference Call Tip: A contest and a carrot

It's easy to inspire attendance and participation for a one-time conference call event. But how do you sustain that initial excitement when it's an ongoing, regularly-scheduled event…like your bi-monthly sales team conference call. Shawn Frey, Industrial Recruiter/Industrial Sales Trainer, of Harper Brush Company offered this solution. Each participant shares a 1 tip, either for cutting costs and increasing sales. Then the entire department votes to decide which tip was the best. The winner receives a $25.00 fuel card on the next call. Oh, they must be present on the next conference call to win. I love the elegance of this idea. It nudges each participant to participate actively. They know they're expected to contribute constructively on each call, for each other. And then there's an inducement to attend the next call as well. Oh, and a little competition never hurts. Thanks, Shawn. For your tip, you'll receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. Submit your tips for making your conference calls more effective. If we vote it the best, then we'll share it with our customers and you'll receive a $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.