Desktop Sharing

Share your desktop application Desktop sharing is just one of the many features of WebInterpoint, our professional yet affordable Web conferencing service for hosting online meetings and presentations. Participants need only a browser. You control what they see, and when they see it, on their Net-connected computers. WebInterpoint provides all the features you need, yet it's simple and practical.

Desktop Sharing Benefits/Advantages

Supports an unlimited number of participants The default limit is 100, however, we can set it for as many as you like – at no extra charge.

Desktop/application sharing Share an application (single program or window) on your computer or the entire desktop. Participants will see what you are doing in near real time, including your mouse movements and keyboard typing.

One-click publishing of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word or Excel files Flip “slides” easily for your participants, page through a document, or move through worksheets.

Control passing On the fly, promote any attendee to be the presenter, or allow any attendee to “drive” on your computer by controlling your mouse and keyboard. You can also remotely control an attendee's computer – with permission, of course.

Web tours Take your audience on tour on the Internet. They don't have to hunt for links to follow along.

Reservationless phone conferencing integration Chairpeople and participants use the same entry codes for WebInterpoint that they use for the phone conference. You receive one monthly invoice with summary and detailed usage information for both phone and web conferencing.

No advance reservation required Start WebInterpoint on a whim during a conference call, or e-mail an invitation in advance. Participants need just the URL and entry code.

File transfers, slide annotations & more Send individual participants, or the whole audience, any file on your computer or network during the conference. Annotate (mark-up) PowerPoint slides on-the-fly. Allow participants to “raise hands” for questions.

Record & playback Record your Web conference, including the audio, and allow participants to play it back on demand. This service requires an advance reservation and extra fees apply.

Firewall and proxy server friendly WebInterpoint requires absolutely no software or downloads for participants.  They simply need a Net-connected computer with a current browser.  Because all communications take place natively through the browser, there are almost never problems with firewalls or proxy server blocking.

Desktop Sharing is perfect for: Virtual Presentations, Distance learning, Software Demos, Software Training, Web Seminars or Web Demos.