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How to Mute and Unmute Your Conference Call Lines

October 10, 2008 in Conferencing Tips

One great way to help ensure that your phone conference is efficient and stays on track is to utilize the Mute and Unmute conference call function. This feature enables the Chairperson of the call to mute and unmute all the callers that have joined your phone conference call as a participant. The Participant is able to hear everything being said on the phone call, however their line is muted. This functionality is a free feature with Conference Calls Unlimited.

There are 2 ways to enable mute:

  • Lecture Mode: A Chairperson may mute/unmute all participant lines. Muting the participants allows them to participate in a 'listen-only' mode and ensures maximum clarity on the call.
  • Individual Line Mute: Chairperson(s)/Participants may mute/unmute their individual line. This allows all participants to mute themselves if their telephone does not have a mute feature on it. Great for spur of the moment issues: barking dogs, crying babies, cell phone line quality, driving with the windows down, etc. Mute your line to respect your colleagues' time.

Here are some examples of when the Chairperson may wish to Mute and/or Unmute the lines:

  • Chairperson wishes to explain results, and is not ready to offer a Question and Answer session yet.
  • Chairperson wants to ensure that the phone conference is free from Participant to Participant conversations.
  • Chairperson wants to ensure that there are no background noises that echo throughout the conference, side conversations between Participant to Participant, static from a bad land-line or cell phone connection or laptop or keypad work.
  • When or if the Chairperson wishes to hold a Question and Answer session he or she can then unmute all the participant lines and make the phone conference interactive.

All Chairperson and Participants also have the option to Mute their own individual line as well.

Here is a funny video that highlights the inevitable need to mute and unmute your lines accordingly. Take a moment to watch this 1:03 video about a gentleman who needs to MUTE HIS LINE:

Bottom line: Muting is a very easy way to help maintain and set the tone for your phone conference call. Another benefit is that, by muting lines, the chairperson can eliminate pre-conference chatter. This creates space for coherence and focus. With the ability to mute and unmute conference call lines, your host also has an array of organizing power and influence that can really extend the efficiency of the conference call and help leverage everyone's valuable time.

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