One Simple Way to Turn Recording Gold into Recording Garbage

It's very easy, really. Many people do it unwittingly. Here's how you turn Gold into Garbage. Convert your WAV format conference call recording into a MP3 Format using the slowest bit-rate or processing speed possible. That's all you have to do. It's easy. Why would you do this?

Convenience. You're in a hurry, excited about the content, you've got a deadline. You have a number of other applications running at the time you convert your WAV file recording. You keep the other applications running while you convert your recording from WAV to MP3 in the hopes you'll complete 2 tasks at the same time as one. You're partly right. You'll complete both tasks: converting your call recording from WAV to MP3 and the other processes. But the end result is a call recording of far lower quality than the original WAV file provided. That reflects poorly on you, your brand, your message and your respect for your listening audience. A conference call recording is easily shared with others. Make sure it's the highest quality recording to communicate the best impression of you and your message.

You're concerned about the size of the file for your conference call recording. You think that condensing the file-size through using a slow processing speed and shaving the size from 10 megs to 3 megs will make it easier to send and share and download. You're partly right. Size does matter in file transfers. Smaller size files transfer faster, download faster, listen to quicker. But again, it's accomplished at the sacrifice of quality. Why invest so much time sharing a wonderful story, or new product, or mission critical data only to have it lost when bits of data are eliminated by reducing the file size?

You don't know any better. Surprisingly, most don't. It's an esoteric point to the majority of the population who listen to both file formats. How many of you know about processing speeds, and file sizes in relation to quality, which format is better?, how do I convert a WAV to a MP3? Why? How many of you think it's a good use of your time to master these points. Sure, some will and they'll be right. But most will find their time is better delivering their message and letting a knowledgeable expert handle these details.

Solution? Use the expert. Let us convert your conference call recordings from WAV format to MP3 format with the maximum bit-rate to insure the highest quality recording is delivered for your audience.

Your conference call recordings are gold. You should treat them as such. They are a direct link to your audience. Your voice, your message, shared with your audience and recorded in a format that makes it easy to share with those yet to find your message, those who couldn't attend live…Make sure it's a format and a quality you'll be proud of. We can do that. Just ask.