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Part 2: 12 Most Common Mistakes in Conference Calling

June 4, 2007 in Conferencing Mistakes

3-Part Series, Part 2. Author: Shawn Frey, Industrial Recruiter/Industrial Sales Trainer for Harper Brush Company. These concepts will make your calls more effective, inspiring, and productive. In part 1, we discussed these four common mistakes and how to avoid or correct them:

1) Failing to use a good toll-free, reservation-less service.

2) Failing to have an agenda

3) Failing to give each participant a personal reminder

4) Failing to take notes and distribute

Now let’s discuss mistakes 5-8 AND a solution for each.

Mistake # 5 – Failing to pick the right conference call participants. Solution: Do your homework. Put people on your call that are results oriented. You want motivating calls that inspire and persuade. In order for this to happen you must have participants who will share openly and communicate freely. Let’s be honest, without the right call participants’ sleep is more productive.

Mistake #6 – Failing to elect the “right” facilitator & scribe. Solution: Elect someone to be the call facilitator that is results oriented and make sure that individual has a high need for immediate results. You want someone that gets complete satisfaction from a job well done. You also need someone who will record, type and distribute the conference call notes. This portion of facilitating can be handed off, but the facilitator needs to have final approval of all notes before they are distributed.

Mistake #7 – Failing to solicit call testimonials. Solution: Ask your participants for testimonials after they have been on your calls for at least 6 months. Why? Because you want them to be able to articulate what they are getting out of the calls. This will inspire others and further cement their commitment to the conference calls. All great training masters perform this “testimonial exercise”. Why? Because it works. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just ask any pastor or priest.

Mistake #8 – Failing to create a conference call decree. Solution: You have to have rules. A simple list of call conditions and expectations should be distributed to all participants prior to having your first call. Failure to do will result in chaos and calls that are unproductive, lethargic and in fact, a total waste of time. Now, let’s recap these four solutions:

Pick the right call participants. Be picky here. You can afford to be. So what if it takes a little while longer for to have your first call. Rest assured the right participants will make that first call a great call.

Elect the right facilitator and scribe. Again be picky, if you make a mistake here nothing else really matters. Do it right the first time.

Ask for Testimonials. After 6 months ask for testimonials from your participants. Testimonials work. Ask and you will receive.

Create a conference call decree. The world has rules; you and your call participants’ need them too.

Next time will discuss call timing, where to end, what to leave out and building caller motivation. Here's the link to 12 Most Common Mistakes in Conference Calling, Part 1.

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