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Responsibilities of the Host

June 11, 2007 in Conferencing Tips

In one of their weekly podcasts, Cindy Whitney and Theresa Chatelle our Customer Service Mavens, talk about the Responsibilities of the Host on a Conference Call. Here's the MP3 version of their conversation. And you can subscribe with: RSS or ITunes A few tidbits from their conversation:

* Reminders. Notify all of your guests, participants, of the date and time and the dial-in number and the guest code they'll use to join the call. Cindy and Theresa suggest 2 reminders: 1 week before and the day before.

* Be on time. Arrive 5-10 minutes before the call. You arrive early for important meetings. That etiquette applies here as well.

* Review the call features. Review them yourself prior to the start of your call. Start your call with a quick review of a few features your guest can use to maximize their experience:

* Mute their own line.  As the numbers of guest on your conference call grows, this feature is more important. We suggest you remind your callers to mute their individual line by asking them to press*6.

* Operator-assistance. All of our conference bridges have operators available in the event a problem arises. It's a private conversation that will not interrupt a presentation. It's available by pressing *0.

* Use an Assistant. An assistant with you on your conference call can be an invaluable and cost-effective step. The assistant can focus on handling the conference call feature; you can concentrate on delivering a smooth, powerful, focused presentation.

* And More. There's lots more tips and advice for you, as host of your important conference call, that Cindy and Theresa share on this recording. Be sure to subscribe to this weekly podcast series from Cindy and Theresa. They offer tips for better conference calls, customer service, stories from serving customers (customer identities always kept secret...SMILE) and stories from their day outside the office.

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