The Decline and Fall of the Road Warrior

Last week I travelled to a streaming media conference and exhibits in New York City. The costs of the four day trip for  lodging, travel, taxis and extraordinarily expensive cuisine came to $1800.  I came in over budget because the flights into OHare had been cancelled and delayed my return one day. It would have tallied over $3000 if I had elected to do more than see the exhibits i.e. attend the seminars. There was a webinar available online of the entire conference for $400. There is always a value in going to a conference and seminar.Road warriors can receive more value through the rapid exchange of information, meeting vendors face to face, and networking opportunities. The main objective of this conference actually could have been achieved through the webinar. With these high costs and the advances in webinar technology, road warriors seem to  be on the decline and the webinar warrior is now rising.