The Fine Art of Being Out of Touch

I grew up on an Illinois farm. Every summer we would head for Minnesota and be completely out of touch with home and work. We didn't know if the cattle had gotten loose and headed for the cornfields to disappears. We could come home and find a tornado had blown a way the house and barns!

Anything could happen while gone and we would  be blissfully unaware. Our only link to home and work was the telephone and they were hard to find and expensive to use. And upon return ifwe did find out something was amiss, we nailed it back together. We sometimes hired our cousin Marvin Ioder to fly his plane over the cornfields to look for the cattle that got loose to go on their own vacation.

These out of touch times are important to step back and go in the opposite of constantly working and focussing on the project or job at hand. It may seem like we are doing nothing but it's a common experience that new perspectives are gained on a project and breakthroughs occur. These would not occur so quickly with constant contact and communication.

Those times are gone now with the advent of instant communications. No matter where you are on a mountain top or on a rural dusty road we can always communicate by conference call, twitter, facebook, cell phone, and whatever.

Solution? Simply turn off computers, cell phones, unplug the land line. Or if that's not possible leave the cell phone, blackberry, and computer at home and head for the hills.