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Web Conference Service Tips

November 14, 2006 in Web Conferencing

Our web conference services provide powerful, value-added, enhancements to any teleconference meeting. The added power arises from you, as the host, being able to insure all participants literally stay on the same page with you. As you display, in real-time, your presentation or website or document or whiteboard out-of-the-box creativity on the whiteboard function, you're able to insure that everyone sees what you want them to see, when you want them to see. The visuals insure an enhanced experience for everyone. Now, and again quite literally, they see your points at each step of your presentation. What's the BEST tip we can offer to insure the greatest experience with our web conference service, with ANY web conference service?

Insist your web conference participants arrive at the 'meeting room' 15 minutes before the start of the presentation.

Once arrived, they can always minimize their browser until the presentation begins. Or if a setting needs attention, they have the necessary time to do so without delaying your presentation. This is especially important for first-time attendees. Why? Every participant's computer, network and internet speed settings are different. Every computer, used by either a participant or a host, to join your webconference has their own unique settings both personal and network, individual or corporate. These setting include: firewalls, pop-up blockers, corporate policy for web browsing, internet connection speeds, java versions used (current or updates needed). Each of these must be navigated to join your meeting online. It's easy to navigate these settings. The use of web conference services would not be growing by 44% a year, if it wasn't easy. But...your computer and network settings are details that insure your productivity. And, first time participants on a web conference service usually encounter briefly a setting (detail) that needs attention. Plus, all of us are busy and distracted, with some (me included) overlooking instructions both in emails and right on the screen in front of us. You want to avoid delaying the start of your very important presentation. You want every participant to be able to easily join, seamlessly and arrive rested and attentive for your presentation, ready to appreciate your brilliant idea and thanking you for insisting they address their computer's settings. Insist your web conference participants arrive at the 'meeting room' 15 minutes before the start of the presentation. And everyone will thank you.

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