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Why conference calling?

December 15, 2006 in Conferencing Tips

Shawn Frey at The Broom Wizards has 6 Questions you should ask and answer before you begin any conference calling service:

1. Do you need to slash sales expenses?

2. Do you need help recruiting sales people?

3. Do you need product R & D?

4. Do you want to grow sales?

5. Do you need an increase in morale and motivation among your sales people?

6. Would you like to strengthen loyalty and build commitment within your organization?

Looking through those questions, I don't see any that would not evoke a resounding yes from any organization's leader. But Shawn provides answers to those questions in his next post, titled 6 Answers Disclaimer: Shawn's a good friend, a customer of Conference Calls Unlimited with his company Harper Brush Works located here in Fairfield, IA.

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