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A Guide for Educators and Business Professionals

In today’s world more than 80% of people learn through visuals. According to the Wharton School of Business using visuals lowers the time of business meetings by 28%. Research shows that an audience perceives a presenter who uses visuals to be more credible and professional. Geri E. H. McArdle, Ph.D states that students as well as professionals will retain information taught with visuals a lot longer than those who are taught verbally.

Visuals include clip art, graphics, color and videos. Teachers can use videos to introduce the real world to students. Students are more prone to stay focused and respond to images. Using images in lesson plans and projects is a strategy that has been successful for improving the academics of visual learners. The following resources will help professionals and educators in improving communications effectiveness, improving audience perception and presenter confidence when looking for visuals.


Recently Infographics have become an educational Internet phenomenon. An infographic is a tool used to illustrate data, using charts, graphics and creative text to make information more visually appealing, and placing appropriate emphasis on important information. Infographics have become extremely popular because they make absorbing, understanding and retaining dense information easy and enjoyable.


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