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Integrating technology into the classroom is a primary goal for many educators to help effectively teach and communicate with students. The current student has been raised on computers, cell phones, and other forms of technology that supply media and a limitless range of information with the touch of a button. Many students are comfortable with the technological delivery of learning materials. Educators now have the opportunity to implement lesson plans, presentations, activities, and other forms of their teaching curriculum with technology. Using online classroom coordination makes it easier for teachers to share online resources, start online discussions and answer questions remotely. It also allows students to work on group projects outside the classroom, while still getting the benefit of receiving quick feedback from instructors and fellow students. Furthermore, assigning online educational material can mean students get more exposure to multimedia such as video, audio and animations. The following resources will provide educators with information on how to teach using technology and how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Cognition and Learning






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