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Free Conference Calling Free conference calling services have swept the nation generating substantial phone conferencing traffic in the USA. These free phone conferencing services have performed a valuable service in introducing millions people to the value of meeting together and collaborating on a conference call.

How they work?

Usually a local phone company teams up with a business organization that provides low cost conferencing equipment and marketing. The phone companies are located in small towns where the Federal Communications Commission mandates what are called termination fees to be paid to local phone companies to cover their costs related to completing the long distance call in their exchange. The termination fees in small rural exchanges can be much higher than what a big city telephone exchange would receive. This is the result of higher associated costs in completing calls to remote areas with fewer phone customers. The motivation behind these phone conferencing services is to stimulate huge traffic volume into these small exchanges. As a result, the small town exchange and the marketing company enjoy a very profitable and substantial revenue stream.

How can fee based teleconferencing companies like Conference Calls Unlimited compete with a free service?


  • Free teleconferencing services are entry level basic no frills services. Reputable paid phone conferencing services use blue ribbon enterprise grade equipment built and supported by top names in the conference call bridging equipment business. This means a higher reliability index, less dropped calls, better sound quality, less fading, etc.
  • While free services locate in small towns or villages, paid services usually locate in big city exchanges engineered to handle huge traffic volumes. Quality conference call companies elect top of the line local carriers to complete calls to the conferencing center. This all reduces fast busy signals and overloaded circuit signals.
  • Engineers closely track usage and add equipment to stay ahead of anticipated growth in call volume. This is insurance against over subscription to services and the resultant frustration that incomplete calls cause hosts and guests on a conference call.
  • Customer service-Most free services are do not offer live customer service or operator support for calls. Responsive customer service becomes essential when conference hosts need advice on how to clear up issues related to user error or the rare technical issues that come up even with high end services.
  • Diversity of Services- One size does not fit all applies to the conferencing industry. Tailored solutions include operator assisted event conference calls, event registration, screening callers, polling, question and answer sessions, phone conferencing/ web conferencing hybrids, etc. Links to services.
  • Due to the high termination fees there are reports that internet based phone services offered by Google and Skype block or drop calls after a few minutes of the free conference calls. Other VOIP based phone companies will complete calls but charge their users up to 50 cents per minute to cover the increased costs associated with completing a free conference calling service.


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