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International Conferencing

Connect International Callers with Ease

We know modern business is global business. That’s why we make it easy for conference callers to connect from all over the world for important meetings and events. Choose from toll or toll-free services for the type of audio conferencing that suits you best.

Learn more about our international conferencing solutions below.

International Toll-Free Dial-In Service

Provide convenient, toll-free access to your U.S.-based conference calls for participants located internationally. Your international participants will have the same call experience as those dialing in from the U.S. and use the same conference access code.  Participants incur no charges.

Toll-Free Per Minute, Per Line From:

  • Argentina .21
  • Australia .10
  • Austria .18
  • Belarus .31
  • Belgium .13
  • Brazil .19
  • Bulgaria .16
  • China .40
  • Columbia .28
  • Croatia .32
  • Cyprus .19
  • Czech Republic .20
  • Denmark .12
  • Estonia .11
  • Finland .28
  • France .13 
  • Germany .11
  • Hong Kong .13
  • Hungry .16
  • Ireland .42
  • Israel .16
  • Italy .12
  • Japan .28
  • Latvia .15
  • Luxembourg .12
  • Macao .28
  • Malaysia .12
  • Mexico .22
  • Netherlands .12
  • New Zealand .13
  • Norway .18
  • Phillipines .29
  • Poland .12
  • Portugal .18
  • Russia .14
  • Singapore .13
  • Slovenia .16
  • South Africa .19
  • South Korea .15
  • Spain .19
  • Sweden .19
  • Switzerland .13
  • Taiwan .21
  • Thailand .27
  • UK .13
  • Uruguay .17

International Dial-Out

The meeting host or a conference operator can dial-out to international participants and connect them into the conference call. Please contact our customer service to arrange for this option. The meeting host pays for international dial-out charges. Participants  incur no charges.

International Toll Dial-In

Receive a permanent standard U.S. telephone number for your international participants. Your toll number will never change and is accessible anywhere in the world. With only one number to remember, this will be beneficial to participants who travel from country to country. Participants pay toll charges from their locations.

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In addition to those listed above, our International Conferencing services include the following features:

  • On demand 24/7
  • No set-up fees or time contracts
  • Superior line quality & reliability
  • Live call operator support via *0
  • Dial-out to any country or offer toll-free dial-in to over 50 countries

Q: Is there one universal toll-free dial-in number for all countries?

A: Yes, we have one toll-free dial-in number for 55 countries. Our customers find using one toll-free number for large international calls is a lot easier than juggling different numbers for each country. Your guests can connect to the call easily from virtually anywhere.

Q: Should I give the international toll-free dial-in number to everybody?

A: Since international toll-free conference calls are several times more expensive than a domestic dial-in number, you may not want to give out the international toll-free dial-in number to everybody. You can provide a domestic toll number to some participants, which only costs you a small per-minute rate, but those callers will incur a normal long-distance charge depending on where they’re calling from. Regardless of toll or toll-free, all of your callers will join one call easily with the same access code.

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