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The service, (and the price) are better here than with any other company we have tried. 

Claudia Maguire

The staff have been very responsive, informative, helpful, and courteous each time we have contacted them. The web and audio conferencing is very easy to set up and use. I highly recommend it!

Joe Kalaidis
Operator Assisted

Professional, Dependable, Experienced and Highly Skilled Operators

We've been offering conference call services for over 14 years, and our experienced operators are the best in the business. From small board-of-directors meetings to large-scale investor relations calls and everything in between, Conference Calls Unlimited's Operator Assisted conferencing skillfully brings your audience together for a professionally planned and managed event. Our Operator Assisted service is designed to help ensure the success of your call. 

Options include: 

Operator Dial-Out

An operator will call your participants and connect them to your conference call.

Pre-Conference Call

Just you and the operator. Review last minute details in private before going live with your call. 

Introduction and Closing

An operator will introduce you to your audience and conclude your event. 

Participant Screen

Operator will greet, request participant name and company then connect them to your live conference. 

Participant Security Screen

Enhance the privacy of your call by having an operator admit only those participants identified on a list you provide. 

Lecture Mode

Operator will mute all guest participant lines to reduce and eliminate background noise allowing you to deliver your presentation.

Moderated Question & Answer Session

We'll handle the logistics of allowing your participants to ask questions, allowing you to focus on the answers. 

Record, Create, Delivery

An operator will record your conference from beginning to end, create a digital file, and make the file available for download. 

Post Conference Reports

After your conference call, receive a report detailing the names and company affiliations of those who attended your call. 


Have your recorded conferences made available for replay over the phone.


Toll and Toll-Free service available. Call us to discuss your needs.

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  • Experienced, professional event staff will manage your call from beginning to end, guaranteeing a orderly, uninterrupted and successful conference
  • Rock-solid technology
  • Schedule in advance guaranteeing availability of lines
  • Host conference calls with up to 2,500 attendees
  • Chairperson has ability to visit with operator throughout the call via private chat feature
  • All conference participants have access to operator support by pressing *0
  • Toll and toll-free calls - domestic and international
  • Billed only when service is used

How expensive are operator-assisted conference calls?

These premium operator-assisted conference call services are priced according to the needs of each call and which options are chosen. Our long term experience with these customized services, has allowed us to fine tune service delivery, thereby saving our customers time and money.

Our conference call experts will work with you to identify the essential services you need for your operator-assisted conference calls such as polling and screening. The operators can also capture important participant information: names, contact information, company/organization affiliation, etc.

Could a Toll Free/Toll Automated Conference Call take the place of an operator-assisted call?

In many cases yes--if you do not need polling, screening, taking the names of participants, or require a question and answer period. In this case, you put your audience in mute mode and only the speakers are heard. 

However, if you do need more than the minimum above and perfection is required to set a professional tone with VIPs and large audiences, than our operator-assisted conference calls fit the bill--relax and do what you do best--making presentations.

Your seasoned consultant at Conference Calls Unlimited will do a needs assessment with you and find just the right strategy for your organization.

Author: James Parker Doyle

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