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Your customer service is what tipped the scales for me. I felt respected as a person and valued as a customer even though you knew I was shopping around at the time of my first call to you. Your company is a class act all the way.

Mary R.

The conference call went very well yesterday. And the cost is very reasonable - the best of all the conference call companies I checked. Thanks again. I'm glad I know about your service. It was great.

Karen K. Wind
Audio Streaming

Audio and Video Streaming for Large Audiences

Our streaming service is a powerful, cost-effective method to communicate with shareholders, partners, employees, and customers. Your audience can tune into the meeting live or on-demand from anywhere in the world using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Choose from Audio-Only or Audio and Video Hosting for the plan that suits you best.

  • Audio-Only Streaming

    A live audio stream is delivered to your audience's desktop or mobile device

    Details & Benefits

    • Reach global audiences quickly
    • Reduce travel costs
    • Presenter photo or company logo is displayed in Media Player window 
    • Mobile streaming
    • Capacity up to 15,000 participants
    • Capacity can be increased to 20,000 by merging conventional audio with audio streaming 
    • Rate: $35.00 per 50 connections
  • Audio and Video Hosting

    Share your pre-recorded video and audio files over the internet with clients, prospects and employees.

    Details & Benefits

    • Upload an unlimited number of files with unlimited space
    • Shared privately with passcode protection or publicly
    • Moderated playback - Host manages beginning and end of playback
    • Scheduled playback - Host schedules playback for a specific date and time
    • Live Question & Answer Session available with Moderated or Scheduled playback
    • SSL encrypted
    • Optional Registration - Name and Email on-demand streams 
    • Connection count
    • Rate: $20.00 per month

What is the difference between Live Audio Streaming and Audio & Video Hosting?

  Live Audio Streaming Audio & Video Hosting
Audience Size Up to 15,000 Unlimited space
Purpose Reach large global audience Reach audiences 24/7
Audio Streaming audio  Streaming audio
Downloads Download Windows Media Player No downloads required
Scheduling Pre-scheduled On-demand
Pricing Flat-rate per event  Flat-rate monthly 


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Webcasting is changing the way organizations reach people. Call us at (888) 901-3471 so we can help you connect with your audience.

Announce Earnings

  • Webcast your financial and earnings announcements
  • Better meet Sarbanes-Oxley disclosure and accountability criteria
  • Maintain robust security over sensitive financial information

Launch Products

  • Share your launch event — live — with thousands of potential customers
  • Keep the excitement going with a link to the archived webcast on your site
  • Enhance your information with slides and web link

Train Teams

  • Reach staff around the country — or world — with essential skills and knowledge
  • Access training for review, 24/7, via archived webcasts
  • Leverage webcasting to slash training travel expenses.

Manage a Crisis

  • Get ahead of the news with fast webcast turnaround
  • Deliver targeted or mass-media messages
  • Interact with the press via online text messaging

A webcast is a live broadcast that streams via the Internet with no downloads or dial-in numbers required. Participants view and listen to the presentation on their computer or on a large video screen. In addition, your presentation can be recorded and archived. Webcasts are powerful and efficient when you need to host a large event, announce quarterly earnings, train team members or demonstrate a new product. Presentations can be a simple audio webcast, to a live streaming video with high quality end-to-end production management and technical assistance.

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