#1 Conference Call Security Tip

Change your access codes. Change the host and guest code. That's the number one tip to increase your confidence that only invited callers attend your conference calls. I've always been advised to change the passwords I use on my computer every month. I'm a month or two behind… But the logic is still the same. Your computer is a critical resource for your success. So is your conference call. For that to be the most productive you need to have the confidence that it's used only by the right parties. I had a friend at another company I worked years ago. He'd sit silently on the conference bridge where the executives met to discuss confidential matters like…bonuses or acquisitions or layoffs. They never knew he was there. They never changed the conference codes nor their meeting times. He'd ask me if I wanted to know x. Honestly, I never did. I didn't need that rattling around in my head. Do you know if someone is sitting silently on your confidential conference call? When was the last time you used a conference call to help make tough changes in your organization, changes that might be met with unhappiness within the organization or discuss employee reviews or their departures or a corporate acquisition? And since then how many employees, partners, vendors or contractors, customers or clients, attorneys or accountants have left your group? Some of those departures have been happy right? Right? All of them? Can you say for certain they've all been departures with warm feelings? When was the last time you changed your access codes? Change your codes. Change them AT LEAST once a year. Twice a year is better. Your group will thank you for the added confidence their calls are kept confidential. If they grumble, just imagine the problems that could arise from unwelcome and unknown guests attending your conference call. We want your calls to be as productive and successful and confidential as they can be. This is the easiest step you can take to help us deliver on that promise for you.