10 Tips for a Smooth Sailing Conference Call

After thirteen years in the conferencing business we know what conference call hosts need to do to prepare for smooth sailing. The three main goals of any host is to keep the call coherent, purposeful and secure. Our state of the art services can do just that with a toolbox of features integrated right into your touch-tone key pad.In this short (1:45 min) video below I describe today's tips to enhance your conference call experience:

Here are ten simple conference call tips that we came up with today: 1. Get organized from the start – create an agenda and an outline. 2. Create coherence and positive momentum to your conference – ensure your participants arrive 5 minutes early. 3. Take advantage of automatic roll call for security and increased organization. 4. For confidential business use number count. 5. There are many instances when you may need to summon an operator. Simply press *0 6. Conference locking is a must know! This feature locks the door so no one else can enter after your roll call. 7. Playing Intro. music at the start of the conference is more formal, decreases chatter, and helps to set the tone for your conference call. 8. You can use mute mode, or lecture mode to gain more control and offer up additional coherence to the call. 9. Have the callers say their name upon arriving. This adds to the security of the call. 10. Operator assist is the Gold Standard of the industry and has many added benefits. Some of these include: check in organize Q & A's, call recording, and also identify and correct any issues that arise. For years Conference Calls Unlimited has been facilitating more efficient and effective communication between businesses and their clients. If you enjoyed these tips for a more secure and efficient conference calling experience please share it with your colleagues with the buttons below. Happy Conferencing!

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