#2 Conference Call Security Tip: Name Recording On Entry

Name Recording On Entry. That's the 2nd most important tip for maintaining security on a conference call. (The number one tip is Change Your Host and Guest Codes regularly.) This feature prompts a caller to announce their name before joining the conference call. That helps insure 2 things: 1) only the invited attend; 2) you know who's attending AND who's leaving. There are 2 options for Name Recording on Entry These options regard your callers and their experience of the feature.

Do you want them to hear the names announced as callers arrive? OR Do you want their arrival announced privately to you as the host?

If you want your guests to hear the announcement of each caller's arrival and departure then you request

Name Recording with Entry Announcement. Then the name of each arrival will be played to all the attendees upon their entry and their departure. If you want your callers' arrivals and departures to be private, played privately to only to you as the host then you request Name Recording with Private Playback.

Next week we'll discuss the Number 3 Most Important Tip for Security: Conference Lock. You can lock the door of your conference room/call.