8 Reasons Why Conference Calls Are Essential for Starting, Growing, and Managing a Business

Starting a business is not easy. That’s why most businesses fail in the first few years. Growing and managing a successful business requires constant attention and utilizing all possible ways to be more efficient with sales, marketing, and operations.

Conference calls are an essential ingredient of all profitable businesses.

Here’s why:

1) They help reduce operating costs

If you’re looking to start a business for free or on the cheap then you have to save costs at every turn. Conference calls are a great way to do that because they save a lot of money that would have been spent with travel. There are many options for free conference call services and other free providers such as Skype (although you should always be wary of the quality). As you are able to afford higher quality services, you’ll probably want to upgrade as we’ll see below.

2) They enable you to conduct effective sales calls

The lifeblood of any business is sales. Without a healthy flow of new leads and new sales a business will quickly run out of steam. Using superior phone conferencing services allows your sales team to keep up with professional outreach and to close leads more effortlessly.

3) They ensure good communication with current clients

Closing a sale is only part of the equation. To be successful in your business you also need to nurture current clients and keep them coming back for more. A quality audio conference line is essential for good communication and for maintaining satisfied clients.

4) They allow for collaboration with colleagues from afar

These days, a lot of people are choosing to work remotely. This is only possible because of high speed Internet, emails, and of course the ability to conference call anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s often very difficult to get things done in business without verbal communication and ideally you’ll also use video communication. Whether you’re speaking to a colleague who is in another part of the country, or a freelancer in Asia, you’ll need a good quality conferencing platform to have clear sound for maximum efficiency and peace of mind.

5) They are more secure than Skype or free conference calls

A high end conference call service, such as what we offer, has built-in security features which are usually not available with Skype or other free providers. These features include:

  • Name recording on entry: allows you to know exactly who is on your call.
  • Conference call lock: enables you to prevent more attendees from joining a call.
  • Unique PIN codes: makes each caller enter their unique PIN when entering the call.

6) They facilitate remote job interviews

As your business begins to grow you’ll no doubt need to hire new employees. Conference calls allow you to conduct your interviews from your own office without the need for you or the potential hire to travel. This saves time and money for all involved. Even if it’s a foreign freelancer or virtual assistant that you’re looking to hire via a site like Upwork then you’re going to want to interview the person on the phone in addition to reviewing their resume.

7) They are higher quality than Skype or free conference calls

Have you ever attended a group Skype conference where people sounded like robots?… Or what about a free conference call that kept dropping every 5 minutes?

This kind of conference call is not professional in the business setting and will waste everyone’s time as well as leaving your customers or potential customers thinking they’d better go elsewhere. Overcoming this problem is very easy and quite affordable. Simply sign up for one of our premium conferencing services and you’ll get the top of the line equipment for a flawless call.

8) They cater for large volume calls

If you have a big presentation to deliver to your investors or simply want to make an announcement to all of your customers, then you’ll need to handle volume. This means not losing any quality even if there are over 100 people on the call. This is only possible with a conferencing service that is set up for such calls and we of course offer various packages that can handle these needs.


As you can see, without the use of quality conference call services, businesses wouldn’t be able to compete in the market. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company there is little doubt you’ll need a service such as the plans we offer, sooner rather than later.