A Short Primer on PC to TV Conversion

For the past few weeks I have done  experiments with transferring screen and sound from my PC to TV.  Right now most of us get our webcasts and webinars on the PC but with low cost easy to hook up technology we can watch a webcast on our TV whether it’s the news, the state of the union broadcast or an educational/business webcast. This has the advantage of larger screen views and watching in a more comfortable relaxed environment. With just a DSL connection the sound and video quality are very good to excellent. Here is how to start:

  • A retired notebook computer works best but you can also use one of your old hard drives and hookup a keyboard and mouse to it. Then use the TV as your monitor for all selections.
  • Purchase a PC to TV converter for about $35. We used a Sewell PC to TV for this effort.
  • The audio comes with this particular converter. If you choose another brand make sure that the audio comes with it. If not you will need to order an audio jack to TV connector.

Check this video out for the PC to TV conversion.