3 Strategies for Better Communication with Your Downline

“I LOVE meetings.” – said no one ever. Meetings, meetings, meetings, all day long. From team huddles to downline drop-ins, all the way up to numbers reporting and strategy planning – your day feels like it’s overflowing with meetings. And it probably is. The truth is, although they are a necessary evil, most meetings end up feeling like a giant time waster, an unnecessary 30 minutes that could have been spent doing anything else. But, this doesn’t have to be the […]

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Why Should You Work Remotely?

What’s the big deal about “telecommuting,” “remote work,” or “working from home”? What benefit does it really have for employers and employees? You may have heard these terms a lot lately, as more and more businesses adopt these options for their employees. Flexible work that allows employees to skip commutes and connect through technology to get projects done away from the office is taking off—becoming not just a trend but a must at many companies. GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com has updated statistics as […]

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Top 7 Conference Call Etiquette Mistakes

By Teresa Meek In our age of connectivity, conference calls are more important than ever. They let whole teams of people who may never have the opportunity to meet in person come together. It can be a great exchange, but it can quickly go sour if you don’t observe some important business etiquette rules. Remember, though you may be sitting on a sofa at home or lounging at a Starbucks sipping a latte, you are still at a business meeting. Here are some […]

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Conference Calls Unlimited Newest Video

This is the newest video our company has put out. You can find it below and also proudly displayed on the front page of our website. Everyone in the company is extremely proud of this video.

Conference Calls with Slides

Conference calls with slides have become a more important presentation tool for businesses. Two main ways have evolved to do conference calls. The first and oldest is to send a Powerpoint document in advance to the call guests. During the call the host will call attention to different slides or points on the document. Each guest manages what they see. While a successful mode of presentation it has several possible shortcomings: Everyone may not be on the same page. For […]

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WiFi on Airlines-Is it Right for You?

Just imagine flying at thirty five thousand feet and attending live webinars via wi-fi. Or emailing and instant messaging as the airplane drones across the cloudless August skies of mid-America.

Phone Conferences and Web Conferences: Do You Want to Integrate Them?

Why integrate your phone conference and web conference for your next meeting?  This is an especially apt question when you already have VOIP nested in your web conference platform. It seems much more convenient to just use a web conferencing platform. And you would accrue significant savings cutting out the conference calling bridge. There are five upsides though to using those good old fashioned conference call connections: The phone is universally available for conference calls while the computer is not. […]

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Conference Calls and Campfires

I am reminded of campfires and conference calls on these steamy hot days here in Iowa. What is the relationship, you may well ask between a conference call based on advanced technology and campfires that come out of our primeval past? It goes back to when I worked in Yellowstone National Park as a ranger. On those cool summer evenings. . . yes, cool, park visitors and myself would gather around the campfire to discuss and answer questions about the […]

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Five Tips on Comparing Conference Calling Services

Comparing conference call services may seem like a daunting task to the person assigned to wading through the dozens of conference call companies that pop up on your internet searches. It seems like you almost need a PH.D to figure this one out! How do you gain confidence that you have finally found a winner? Here are 5 Steps to Making that perfect choice: What is the range of their teleconferencing options? Some companies offer only one thing like flat […]

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