How to Make a Conference Call:  Will You Need Crowd Control?

How to make a conference call seems simple enough. All you need is to distribute a phone conferencing number and access code–right? It could be that simple if your conference call is small. On such a call everyone has arrived and it’s just like a conversation amongst a small group and it can go very smoothly. But sometimes calls can get really big like some government conference calls.

E-Learning Conference in Berlin

We have stepped into an exciting new paradigm for learning via the advance of web conferencing and webinar technologies. If you are a business, educational or public sector professional, ICWE has put together a 2 day professional meeting called 'New Learning Cultures'. You will rub elbows with over 2000 participants from 100 countries.

Conference Calls; Effective in a Crunch

IS YOUR COMPANY READY FOR THE NEXT SNOWSTORM? Last week, Conference Calls Unlimited joined millions of people, in most of the US, who were hard hit by the February blizzard. How can we be effective with eighteen inches on the ground and six foot drifts around our cars? Our employees could not make it to work. Long story short we came together and handled every call from home. Our professional staff linked up to company servers to handle all aspects […]

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The Crux of Conference Call Security

What is the crux of conference call security? Conference hosts are often very cautious about who attend their calls. Through roll call, number counts, and conference locking our conference hosts can feel confident that only authorized participants are on the call. However…

Conference Call Videos: Hilarious :)

If you are hanging out in the office today and want to take a break from the madness, we suggest you lighten the load with a couple hilarious conference call videos. The first video here is a must see. A 31 second, short and sweet conference call video with three gentleman doing work away from the office. They are having a conference call with their boss who expects the “updated PNL” on Tuesday.

Corporate Beehiving and Business Integration

Cutting edge innovation, whether it is product development or refining  corporate systems can benefit from looking into nature and mimicking its efficiency. There is actually a new discipline called biomimicry, which studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. Michael O'Malley sees the benefit of this principle of looking to nature, and writes about it below.

7 Essential Questions for Conference Call Shoppers

Everyone has been on a conference of disappointing quality, and it's no fun. Choosing between the many conference call providers is difficult, but can make a world of difference. Here are 7 essential questions to ask prospective conference call service providers to insure the quality you deserve. How easy is it to reach a customer service operator? We have customers call our customer service number just to make sure they can reach us easily and in a few seconds. Try […]

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LinkedIn Quickguide

Enterprise Networking in the Age of the Internet has become critical for developing business contacts; establishing company and personal brands; identifying potential employees and employers; gaining business intelligence; and finding resources. LinkedIn is the most popular purely business networking site. It has 60 million users that include a high percentage of CEO's, senior management, and college graduates who work for Fortune 500 companies.

Webinar of the Week-Business Preparation for Influenza 2010-2011

Last spring when H1N1 influenza was big news we advised our readers to prepare for the 2009-2010 flu season with back up plans.  This included work from home options and using teleconferencing/webconferencing options to keep your business operating as efficiently as possible. Affiliated Physicians will give a complimentary webinar on June 9th at 2:00pm EST.  It includes an assessment of the past flu season along with the lessons learned from that event. It also will give you an overview of […]

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The Best First Impression Through Your Conference Call Service

Growing our businesses requires a good first impression. That includes choosing the right conference call provider. Relying on a free conference call service looks like a good business decision, because well…it's free. If you have ever had dropped calls, static on the line, background noise you want solutions now. Or at the very least technical support that can track down and help you to prevent it from happening again. So put that pencil to the paper and figure out whether […]

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