Cloud Governance

This is the third article in a three part series on Cloud Computing. This white paper provides a critical checklist of issues that managers must evaluate before moving confidential company data from their own data centers into The Cloud: availability, security, privacy, auditing, dependency, regulation, authorization, interoperability, and communication. Download this white paper pdf:  Cloud Computing 3

The Major Players in Cloud Computing

This article is the second in a three part series on Cloud Computing. This white paper shows how the three largest Cloud vendors are providing HaaS, PaaS, and Saas. It also shows examples of how customers are typically using these services. Download this white paper pdf:  Cloud Computing 2

The Origins of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the biggest trend in data storage and processing these days. This white paper is the first in a three part series examining the history, major players and risks of Cloud Computing. Part 1 looks at what innovations lead us from data centers to The Cloud. Download this white paper pdf:  Cloud 1

Airline Internet

Airlines are adding wi-fi connectivity for computers and cell phones. What are the companies installing these services? How do their wi-fi services differ? Will travelers want to remain connected to the internet while flying? Download this white paper pdf:  Inflight Wi-Fi

Webinar about Webinars

Here is what you need-a Webinar about Webinars ! It occurs on Tuesday/April 27/2:00 PM EDT. You will join experts in the web event service market.

Meteor Brightens Iowa Sky

Last night, Tony Sauer, our head of sales, drove back from DesMoines down here to Fairfield. This morning he related a once in a lifetime event: a huge meteor streaked across the sky lighting up the night. Further down the road he came across small fires burning in the fields–a result of the high temperature of meteor fragments. The attached video shows that event. If you are calling Tony this week about conference calling ask him about that meteor.

Trash Up, Economy Up?

One of our conference calling customers who provides waste containers for the trash industry says that business is up. Trash collectors are buying more and saying also that there is more trash. Now we don't like trash that much from an ecological point of view, but as economic activity increases it seems that the by products of that activity–trash would also increase. The Fed looks into a lot of tea leaves to predict the course of the economy. Perhaps the […]

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Webcast Your Event. . .Get Power and Reach for A Fraction of the Cost

Through webcasting you can broadcast your audio or video over the internet. It has the added value of being interactive and measurable. Q&A sessions and polliing provide you immediate feedback while the event is in progress. Powerpoint slides integrated into the presentation can add impact sales presentations, product launches, or business announcements. Webcasting is secure yet accessible plus it is very cost effective. If you would like to more check out our webcast page or give us a call and […]

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White Paper on Deploying Distance Education Technologies

Wainhouse Research has just released a thorough going white paper on how to make the deployment of e-learning technologies including videoconferencing, streaming video, learning management sytems, webconferencing and e-learning. These promising new technologies are being implemented nation wide but there are a number of barriers to entry. They include lack of bandwidth, the technology infrastructure of the hosting educational institution, and staffing. The Wainhouse whitepaper also offers solutions to overcoming obstacles to the rapid and effective utilization of these new […]

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Will Power Plants Go the Way of the Main Frame?

PCs and the web have opened up information over the last 15 years. And now we stand on the threshold of an energy revolution of the same or greater magnitude. Everyone expects this to include alternative energy and smart grids. One of the drawbacks of these envisioned approaches is the long distance transport of electricity from the Great Plains and the Midwest to the energy markets on the East and West Coasts. Bloom Energy has come up with solid oxide […]

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