North America Leads the World in Conference Call Use

According to Wainhouse Research North America leads the world in conference calls. 49.7 million NA workers paricipate in conference calls this past year, Western Europe follows with 10.5 million employees using conference calling services. Japan weighs in as the heaviest user in Asia at  742,000 employees. Of the 51 billion hosted minutes i.e. automated reservationless calls on the planet North America uses 38.4 billion minutes, Western Europe 8.2 billion, followed by Japan with 626 million minutes. Minutes in North America […]

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The Fine Art of Being Out of Touch

I grew up on an Illinois farm. Every summer we would head for Minnesota and be completely out of touch with home and work. We didn't know if the cattle had gotten loose and headed for the cornfields to disappears. We could come home and find a tornado had blown a way the house and barns! Anything could happen while gone and we would  be blissfully unaware. Our only link to home and work was the telephone and they were […]

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The Decline and Fall of the Road Warrior

Last week I travelled to a streaming media conference and exhibits in New York City. The costs of the four day trip for  lodging, travel, taxis and extraordinarily expensive cuisine came to $1800.  I came in over budget because the flights into OHare had been cancelled and delayed my return one day. It would have tallied over $3000 if I had elected to do more than see the exhibits i.e. attend the seminars. There was a webinar available online of […]

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Behind the Scenes on a Conference Call

Do you know what the reaction of participants to your remarks when doing a conference call? We usually have to use a trained ear or know the participants in the conference. The following video gives the host on the conference call a very multidimensional view of what is going on. To tell you more would be to take a way the surprise that awaits you on this video.

Conference Call On Hold—Time Management

You have just joined a conference call, the chairperson/host has not arrived and you are on hold to music. How do you make the best use of your time while waiting for the chairperson to arrive. Here are some great ideas for your next conference call. Enjoy!

International Conference Call Parody

Sometimes a conference call can lead to unexpected interpretations. This results from differences in culture, language, and interpretations of technical language, etc. The following humorous video highlights such a situation.   International Conference Calls by tferey

Conference Call Emergency: Music on Hold

You've just gotten ten minutes into your conference call;then all of a sudden music on hold comes on. You are familiar with the jazzy tune being broadcast into your conference call because it's the music on hold from your company. What is going on here? How do you deal with this emergency? Your first impulse is to mute everybody out i.e. put everybody in lecture mode. What happens then is you can speak but no one else can interact with […]

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