Phone Conferencing Wireless-Is it Safe?

Is wireless phone conferencing safe? It’s a legitimate question because phone conferencing users generally stay on the phone for periods ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. This exposes the average cell phone conferencer  longer  to radio frequency energy (RF). This according to some sources may result in an increased chance of brain cancer.

HOW TO DO A WEBINAR – Avoiding Death by Powerpoint

Powerpoint has become an essential part of doing a webinar. At the same time the quality of powerpoint presentations vary widely. If it is poorly designed your audience starts to shift attention from your presentation to doing computer work, reading the news online, checking twitter accounts and facebook. In other words, you are not the only game in town!

Planning Weekly Conference Calls

Planning a weekly conference call can be the added, consistent structure and organization that your company is looking for. It is very easy to get caught up in the tunnel vision of our individual to-do lists, agendas, and job descriptions. Consistent, weekly conference calls are important. These conference calls can provide the ability to step back from the mundane tasks to communicate and use proper planning to delegate and operate accordingly.

How to make conference calls: create calls that get results

These days almost everybody knows what a conference call is… yea I know, there are free services like Skype which are decent if you have access to studio quality equipment… but almost no one has studio quality equipment unless you're a radio station of professional podcaster, like Podcast Answer Man. For everyone else, the best choice is still a land line or (cell phone if you must) and a top notch conference call service provider.

Conference Calls; Effective in a Crunch

IS YOUR COMPANY READY FOR THE NEXT SNOWSTORM? Last week, Conference Calls Unlimited joined millions of people, in most of the US, who were hard hit by the February blizzard. How can we be effective with eighteen inches on the ground and six foot drifts around our cars? Our employees could not make it to work. Long story short we came together and handled every call from home. Our professional staff linked up to company servers to handle all aspects […]

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How to Set Up a Conference Call:  Tips for Efficiency and Purposefulness

We all know conference calls vary in scope and size. However, if we look at the fundamentals, the set up of even your large scale conference call can be much easier. What can go wrong? We’ve all been there – participants forgetting to mute their line, calls being dropped, incompetent software, unprepared agendas, it seems the list can go on and on. Conference Calls Unlimited offers not only dependable service and quick set up, but great resources to help organize […]

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10 Tips for a Smooth Sailing Conference Call

After thirteen years in the conferencing business we know what conference call hosts need to do to prepare for smooth sailing. The three main goals of any host is to keep the call coherent, purposeful and secure. Our state of the art services can do just that with a toolbox of features integrated right into your touch-tone key pad.

Who just joined…your conference call?!?

This post features a funny video, and two great conference call tips. Conference lock and name announcement are very easy to implement and can add a lot in terms of safety and overall call coherence. Here is a funny video from Dave Fleming highlighting a common experience in conference calls.Check out this 59 second video below: If your conference call is plagued by mystery callers joining your conference call then consider 2 features: * Conference Lock. You can lock your […]

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