How to Mute and Unmute Your Conference Call Lines

One great way to help ensure that your phone conference is efficient and stays on track is to utilize the Mute and Unmute conference call function. This feature enables the Chairperson of the call to mute and unmute all the callers that have joined your phone conference call as a participant. The Participant is able to hear everything being said on the phone call, however their line is muted. This functionality is a free feature with Conference Calls Unlimited.

Conference Call Tip from Sandy Grason on YouTube

Joining a conference call from a quiet, private, location is one of our top tips for insuring a great conference call experience for yourself and the other callers. That's easier said than done when you're traveling. However, help is on the way. Sandy Grason shares her video on YouTube that highlights how she manifested a quiet, private, location in LAS VEGAS(!) for her Master Mind Group's regular conference call. Watch it here. And as Sandy says, go and manifest something […]

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Best Practice: Complete Instructions for Your Guests

Make it easy for your guest to attend your conference call. Send them complete instructions. By complete, we mean complete. That's complete with: Date Start Time with Time Zone Length of Conference Call Agenda Conference dial-in number Whether that number is tollfree (Their call is free to them.) or toll (They pay for the cost of their call.) The voice prompt they'll hear after they dial the above conference dial-in number The code(s) they should enter at the voice prompt […]

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5 Golden Rules for Podcasting

Heidi Miller at her Talk It Up blog shares her Five Golden Rules of Podcasting. I'm going to list  them here with a snippet on each point from her post. But she offers some great content with each of the Five Golden Rules of Podcasting, so be sure to click the article link here for that content. 1. Have something to say. If you can't shut up about something, that would be the thing you should podcast about. 2. Don't […]

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5 Tips to Help Reduce Tardy Attendees

Are you tired of guests straggling in 5-10-15 minutes after the start of your important conference call?  Do they interrupt your presentation, waste the valuable time of your other guests and as a result lower your achievements? Here's 5 kinder and gentler tips that have proven{C}

6 Free Features to Help Insure Your Conference Call is Confidential

The best security comes from the integrity of the guest who attend your conference call. However, at times you may be unpleasantly surprised or caused to have doubts about your attendees, or the topic is so important you want to quell your worries. Here are some simple features you can use with your existing audio conference call service to bring the highest degree of security and confidentiality to your conference call. The first group of features are standard with our […]

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Is THIS a participant on your conference call?

Do you ever wonder what your participants are doing during your conference call? This YouTube video just may be a close approximation of what THEY'RE doing during YOUR conference call. You can avoid losing sleep over this vision using some of these tips: * Delivering the agenda for your conference call to each participant prior to your conference call; * Reminding each participant of the conference call including date and time and call-in instructions the day before and the day […]

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Top 8 Tips for a Successful Conference Call

Here are the Top 8 Tips For a  Successful Conference Call: 1. Set the time well in advance of the call. We’re all busy, our schedule’s are full. Set the time of your conference call far enough in advance to allow your audience to fit it in to their existing schedule. 2. Help them remember with your reminders. Help your audience remember by reminding them several times prior to the time of the call. We recommend reminders one-week, one-day and […]

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Create the Ideal Setting to Host Your Ideal Conference Call

Cindy Whitney and Theresa Chatelle, our Customer Service Mavens, talk about the ideal environment for your conference call. You can listen to the MP3 recording here. Quiet Location. 1. Your Office Door is Closed; 2. Your Phone is set on Do-Not-Disturb; 3. Notify Those Around You. Let your regular contacts, working in proximity or remotely, know you're on a conference call. The purpose is to minimize the chance for disruptions, distractions, for you during your conference call. Use the Best […]

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