Webinar to Help ADHD Kids

This Friday a Webinar called Meditation: New Help for Stressed-Out Kids starts at 11 AM (ET). Recent research on Transcendetnal Meditation technique and ADHD has encouraging results in prmoting academic achievement and reducing anxiety, depression and substance abuse. You can visit the David Lynch Foundation website for more information, the presenting researchers and to register for this event.

Disinfect and Telecommute

Businesses have begun making plans to address the swine flu situation. This Washington Post article addresses this hot topic.

Conrad Hilton’s Message to America

Conrad Hilton's message to America? “Please put your shower curtaino  inside the bath tub.” This must have been born of many years experience seeing how water spreads and leaks to the floor below. Our company, Conference Calls Unlimited, also has a message for America. Please mute your conference line when not speaking. This message is born of how much sound leaks unintentionally into a conference call. It can be anything from pots and pans falling to the floor, background restaurant […]

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CDC Travel Advisories

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has not posted any recommendations on restricting travel as of this date. How do we continue business as normal in a business as unusual situation? One model  companies have incorporated over the  last few years is to reduce travel costs via conference calling, web conferencing, and videoconferencing; all  inexpensive means of communicating between company branches, with clients and prospective clients. These services allow continued discussion, planning and decisionmaking remotely whether people are at […]

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Inauguration of Insights

Today we officially inaugurate Insights, a blog dedicated to looking at inside and outside the box solutions that businesses face today. Our primary services include conference calling, web conferencing, and video conferencing. With that in mind many of our entries will deal with how to effectively use these tools to save time, money and yes, those ubiquitous carbon emissions our businesses create that conferencing can reduce. But there is more . . . we keep running across interesting and useful […]

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