Conference calling expert Shawn Frey tells his story

Hello, my name is Shawn Frey, outside sales professional, conference call expert and founder of the No Nonsense Conference. I'd like to share my story with you about how I got started using conference calling as a means to build my career and income. It began in the Fall of 2003. I was having lunch with master sales trainer, * Warren Wechler. {C}

Twitter Rage 101

A certain micro-blogging website that sets smart limits for appealing usability has taken the social media scene by storm. It’s a world where tweets don’t come from just baby chicks, the one hundred forty character limit isn’t talking about the world’s longest play, and following someone doesn’t imply stalking (at least in the physical sense). Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now, has risen as the elegant black horse to Facebook.

A Short Primer on PC to TV Conversion

For the past few weeks I have done  experiments with transferring screen and sound from my PC to TV.  Right now most of us get our webcasts and webinars on the PC but with low cost easy to hook up technology we can watch a webcast on our TV whether it’s the news, the state of the union broadcast or an educational/business webcast. This has the advantage of larger screen views and watching in a more comfortable relaxed environment. With […]

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What Is Good PowerPoint Design?

PowerPoint presentations are a common use for our web conference services. Our service makes the slides easy to load, simple and fast to navigate and that helps you captivate your audience…if the PowerPoint presentation is good. What IS Good PowerPoint Design? Good question. We've found a resource that might help answer that question. Presentation Zen is Garr Reynolds blog on issues related to professional presentation design. After perusing his blog, I'm not sure there are any remaining issues. He defines, […]

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