How to Make Your Conference Call More Secure

In this digital age, where a lot of our information is shared online through emails, social media, and file sharing services, a major concern for many people is in keeping their data safe and secure. This applies to conference calls as well, as you can’t have sensitive personal or business information available to just anyone. Follow these simple steps from Conference Calls Unlimited (CCU) to make your conference calls safer and more secure from unwanted listeners. Change your access codes […]

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Phone Conferencing Wireless-Is it Safe?

Is wireless phone conferencing safe? It’s a legitimate question because phone conferencing users generally stay on the phone for periods ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. This exposes the average cell phone conferencer  longer  to radio frequency energy (RF). This according to some sources may result in an increased chance of brain cancer.

Internet Security: Does Your Sensitive Data Roam the World?

Internet security can be an issue for businesses. Every day a flow of sensitive information and otherwise leaves your company via the internet. Once out the door there is no turning back. You have contracts, agenda points, financial forecasts, tutorials, private podcasts and all kinds of private communications heading into the wild blue yonder.

Who just joined…your conference call?!?

This post features a funny video, and two great conference call tips. Conference lock and name announcement are very easy to implement and can add a lot in terms of safety and overall call coherence. Here is a funny video from Dave Fleming highlighting a common experience in conference calls.Check out this 59 second video below: If your conference call is plagued by mystery callers joining your conference call then consider 2 features: * Conference Lock. You can lock your […]

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Conferencing Security Tip

Name Recording On Entry. This is a very important tip for maintaining security on a conference call. This feature prompts a caller to announce their name before joining the conference call. That helps insure 2 things: 1) only the invited attend; 2) you know who’s attending AND who’s leaving. There are 2 options for Name Recording on Entry. These options regard your callers and their experience of the feature. Do you want them to hear the names announced as callers […]

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Conference Call Security Tip

Name Recording On Entry. This is a very important tip for maintaining security on a conference call. This feature prompts a caller to announce their name before joining the conference call. That helps insure 2 things: 1) only the invited attend; 2) you know who's attending AND who's leaving.

6 Free Features to Help Insure Your Conference Call is Confidential

The best security comes from the integrity of the guest who attend your conference call. However, at times you may be unpleasantly surprised or caused to have doubts about your attendees, or the topic is so important you want to quell your worries. Here are some simple features you can use with your existing audio conference call service to bring the highest degree of security and confidentiality to your conference call. The first group of features are standard with our […]

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#4 Conference Call Security Tip: Attendee Count

At any time during your conference call you can request the Attendee Count. That feature request will tell you how many attendees or callers, including you as the host, are currently on your conference call. If you're sure the invited guests have arrived and want to make sure no one else has joined the call directly, then count the number in attendance at that moment. That feature also is standard with most of our audio conference call services. It's enacted […]

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4 Conference Call Security Tips

From the recent weekly series on Conference Call Security, here are the 4 Tips to help insure your audience on your conference call is the audience you want to be there. Conference Call Security Tip #1: Change Your Access Codes Regularly. Just like you do, right(?), with your computer passwords. Conference Call Security Tip #2: Name Recording on Entry, with private or public announcement. Conference Call Security Tip #3: Conference Lock. Lock unwanted callers out. Conference Call Security Tip #4: […]

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#3 Conference Call Security Tip: Conference Lock

Lock Your Conference. Once everyone's arrived, shut the door and lock it. Lock your conference call against further arrivals. If everyone's there, then start without further interruptions. And it's also a great way to insure prompt attendance… It's a feature that's standard on most of our conference call services. You lock your call using the dialpad on your telephone. NOTE: Once a guest leaves a locked conference call…they can't return. NOTE #2: An operator can't join your call, either, if […]

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