How Toll Free Conference Calls Can Increase Meeting Attendance and Credibility

Businesses that need phone conferencing should understand the benefits of offering toll-free conference calls. What does “toll-free conference call” mean? Can it increase meeting attendance? Does a free-to-call number increase the perceived value of the call? How does toll-free conference calling increase your company's credibility? How Toll-Free Conference Calls Work A toll-free conference call means the participant does not have to pay long-distance charges to join. Participants get a toll-free number and an access code. At the scheduled time of […]

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What’s the Difference Between Toll and Toll-Free Conference Calls?

At Conference Calls Unlimited, and many other conferencing services, there are two main types of phone conferencing: toll and toll-free. While these terms may be familiar to you, do you know what they mean in regards to conference calling? Why or when would a business choose one type over the other? What can a conference participant expect to experience when they dial in with a regular phone number versus a toll-free number? These are some of the questions we want […]

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Dial in a Conference Call

Many of us might think we know how “conference calling” works. Do you recall that time you had to call both your aunt in Wyoming and your grandmother in Minnesota to patch things up things between them? Or how about that time in middle school when you would just die if you couldn’t talk to Molly and Sally at the same time? This kind of conference calling requires

Live Audio/Video Webcast and Streaming

Live Audio and Video Webcasting and Streaming Available. You have the option to stream an audio message to a large audience only or provide an audio, slides and video into your presentation. SERVICE: Live Audio Webcast Webcasting is broadcasting live audio over the internet. You provide your participants with the live audio stream.

Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Conferencing

Conference Calls Unlimited offers a wide range of conference calling services and packages to meet your needs and demands. Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Conferencing is available with a Day Unlimited or 24/7 option. Here is a list of our flat rate monthly benefits and details click the link here.

Eventspan for Webinar Warriors

Eventspan is for webinar warriors. If you or your employees need more training or you want to promote your products or services through a webinar,  Eventspan can do it for you. With EventSpan, marketers can promote their webinars through event listings to increase attendance. Site users can easily find webcasts and webinars. And expert speakers, industry professionals, and organizations can put up profile pages to network and connect with other professionals and possible clients.

Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Web Conferencing

Features and Benefits: Share an application on your computer or the entire desktop. Participants will see what your doing in real time. One-click publishing of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel files Control passing Website tours Reservationless phone conferencing integration No advance reservation required File transfers, annotations & more Record & playback Firewal and proxy server friendly Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Pricing Up to 10 seats per web conference: Up to 20 seats per web conference: Up to 50 seats per […]

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Clear the Decks!

Screen sharing is a great tool to use during a webconference, but you need to  clear the decks of open programs. They may slow down your computer unless you have a real muscle machine. Plus if you have other programs open, websites, or whatever displayed on your screen than the screen sharing function will pick it all up, show it to everyone. The consolation is they can all see the closing documents de-digitize and fade away–a great start to a […]

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