Eventspan for Webinar Warriors

Eventspan is for webinar warriors. If you or your employees need more training or you want to promote your products or services through a webinar,  Eventspan can do it for you. With EventSpan, marketers can promote their webinars through event listings to increase attendance. Site users can easily find webcasts and webinars. And expert speakers, industry professionals, and organizations can put up profile pages to network and connect with other professionals and possible clients.

Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Web Conferencing

Features and Benefits: Share an application on your computer or the entire desktop. Participants will see what your doing in real time. One-click publishing of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel files Control passing Website tours Reservationless phone conferencing integration No advance reservation required File transfers, annotations & more Record & playback Firewal and proxy server friendly Flat Rate Monthly Unlimited Pricing Up to 10 seats per web conference: Up to 20 seats per web conference: Up to 50 seats per […]

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Clear the Decks!

Screen sharing is a great tool to use during a webconference, but you need to  clear the decks of open programs. They may slow down your computer unless you have a real muscle machine. Plus if you have other programs open, websites, or whatever displayed on your screen than the screen sharing function will pick it all up, show it to everyone. The consolation is they can all see the closing documents de-digitize and fade away–a great start to a […]

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Webinar to Help ADHD Kids

This Friday a Webinar called Meditation: New Help for Stressed-Out Kids starts at 11 AM (ET). Recent research on Transcendetnal Meditation technique and ADHD has encouraging results in prmoting academic achievement and reducing anxiety, depression and substance abuse. You can visit the David Lynch Foundation website for more information, the presenting researchers and to register for this event.

Web Conferencing & Webcasting

Web Conferencing Our web conferencing tools are feature-rich yet incredibly easy to use; conduct slideshows, interactive polling sessions, text chat or Q&A and more. Easily pass control between multiple presenters or show the audience your desktop. Supporting an unlimited number of particpants, this technology allows you to control what they see, and when they see it. Webcasting Webcasting delivers live or pre-recorded video and/or audio to your audience via the internet. Participants must have Net-connected computer with speakers. Webcasts are […]

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Desktop Sharing

Share your desktop application Desktop sharing is just one of the many features of WebInterpoint, our professional yet affordable Web conferencing service for hosting online meetings and presentations. Participants need only a browser. You control what they see, and when they see it, on their Net-connected computers. WebInterpoint provides all the features you need, yet it's simple and practical. Desktop Sharing Benefits/Advantages Supports an unlimited number of participants The default limit is 100, however, we can set it for as […]

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Record Your Webinar

Conference Calls Unlimited can help you record your next webinar. You can spend all your time planning and delivering the presentation you wish and we can record the entire phone and web for you. After the webinar is recorded we will provide you and your team with a URL that you can simply click on and retreive your presensation. From there you can select the method of how you wish share it with your clients. To have your webinar recorded, just call or send an email […]

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Web Conference Service Tips

Our web conference services provide powerful, value-added, enhancements to any teleconference meeting. The added power arises from you, as the host, being able to insure all participants literally stay on the same page with you. As you display, in real-time, your presentation or website or document or whiteboard out-of-the-box creativity on the whiteboard function, you're able to insure that everyone sees what you want them to see, when you want them to see. The visuals insure an enhanced experience for […]

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