Conference Call Videos: Hilarious :)

If you are hanging out in the office today and want to take a break from the madness, we suggest you lighten the load with a couple hilarious conference call videos. The first video here is a must see. A 31 second, short and sweet conference call video with three gentleman doing work away from the office. They are having a conference call with their boss who expects the “updated PNL” on Tuesday. They are “all over it” and have everything in order, until a surprising gust of wind throws them a curve ball. They actually have no choice but to flee the situation. One gentleman takes a club to the computer and destroys all evidence, making that one a “close call.” Too funny! Take 31 seconds kick up your feet and enjoy this hilarious 31 second video by FedEx:

This video¬† may resonate with your own experience of what sometimes goes on behind the scenes on a conference call… This 31 second video from Air Tran about a worker who thinks his boss is out of town. This company is having a conference and the “office clown” is making all sorts of funny and disturbing faces directed toward… Watch the 31 second video here:

So there you have it! Two short and sweet videos to brighten your day. Do you have any funny conference call stories? If so we would love to hear them in the comments section below. Please feel free to share this with your friends with the buttons below. Until next time, Happy conferencing!