Conference Calling Games

Remember in fourth grade when you were dying to prove to your BFF Sally that Nelly really did kiss David? Maybe it went something like this:

conference-calling-gamesYou sneak into your parents' room, heart racing, and dial Sally’s number. She picks up in a hurry – you whisper Nelly’s number as she initiates the infamous 3 way call. As she presses flash-number-flash with sweaty fingertips, the sound of two wheezy breathers echo across the line in between ominous rings.


OH NO! It’s Sally’s Mom. You gulp.

“Hi Ms. Dunlop, is – is Nelly there?”

Nelly picks up. “hullo.”

You try to act normal and coax the information out of her. Things go awry just around the point that Sally’s mom calls out for dinner in the background, but eventually the information leaks – both you and Sally explode in laughter at your victory and hang up.

Chances are you have memories like this, and you might be nostalgic for just how fun conference calling games can be! Whether you want to lighten up a business meeting, connect with friends long distance, or just be downright naughty and play pranks, conference calling (define terms) comes in handy.

Here are three quick conference calling games you can play:

  1. If you’re facilitating a conference call with employees and/or clients, you can have each person that arrives on the call be greeted by those who have arrived previously. This acts as a team building activity, and helps to break the ice!
  2. Catchphrase over conference call. Just have one person facilitate who goes next, and this popular game is taken to a whole new level. You’d be surprised at the difficulty when lead only by your long distance team-member’s voice, rather than their encouraging eyes and enthusiastic gesticulations. Or, if  you’re not in the mood to make things harder on yourself, use video conferencing and let the gesticulating commence!
  3. If you want a real laugh, try this innocent prank. Dial two friends at the same time, and wait for them to both pick up. They'll be thoroughly convinced that each of them called each other, and not the other way around, and you can just sit back on speakerphone and let hilarity ensue. Depending on how many friends you have, this could go on all night!

So now that you know how much conference calling really has to offer, let the games begin. Happy conferencing!

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