Conference Calling Solutions: 5 important questions

Your conference calling solutions start here. In this blog post Conference Calls Unlimited will help your brand or business to simplify the process of discovering and uncovering the services needed to make an educated purchase decision.Your answer to these questions will help determine the type of service you need. 1) Determine your company’s need for conference calling – What is the demand? 2) How often will you use these conference services? 3) What is the average amount of participants you will have on the call? 4) How important is your need for high quality lines? 5) Will you be using standard phone conferencing or do you have a need for more web-conferencing solutions? Depending upon your answers to our “conference calling solutions” questions above you will need more or less minutes, functionality, flexibility and quality. If your demand is low and quality is less of an issue, your business may be able to save money by going with a free service. Business conference calling solutions can include many pieces of additional value. Conference Calls Unlimited can include features and functionality catered to your needs. These features can include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio & Video streaming/casting
  • Free recording, which your business owns
  • Call seminar reports, automated report tracking
  • Many benefits of live operator support
  • Great line quality
  • Automatic roll call, Number count
  • Conference Locking
  • Lecture mode
  • Pre-call room for main speakers to get organized
  • Question and answer functionality and capability
  • High event call capacity and a web page for pre-registration

Quality is always looked up to and valued by your customers, clients and business partners. If you are still wondering the perks of attaining an account with a company like Conference Calls Unlimited we can answer in brief. Along with simple solutions to all of your communications needs at affordable prices, Conference Calls Unlimited offers customer service that is unparalleled in the industry today! If you need assistance:

  • Take a free 30 test drive of our premier webinar service. Click webinar image in the sidebar ——->

Happy conferencing and webinaring!

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