Conference Calls; Effective in a Crunch

IS YOUR COMPANY READY FOR THE NEXT SNOWSTORM? Last week, Conference Calls Unlimited joined millions of people, in most of the US, who were hard hit by the February blizzard. How can we be effective with eighteen inches on the ground and six foot drifts around our cars? Our employees could not make it to work. Long story short we came together and handled every call from home. Our professional staff linked up to company servers to handle all aspects of their jobs. Also, our sales force continued to work without missing a beat. Overnight we had become a virtual company with no office to work in. Effective… yes, indeed! If your employees or associates can’t make it to work, conference calls services can really come in handy.

Based on our experience we have a few very effective tips you and your company may find helpful:

  • Provision key employees with conference call numbers and access codes. This will allow them to hold meetings from home.
  • Web conferencing services can take the place of in-person meetings that require visuals, document sharing etc. If your sales people are locked down and cannot travel encourage them to try a powerful web conferencing service as an alternative to travel.
  • Have your phone system setup so that calls can be forwarded to employees during a snowstorm. Make sure they turn off the message from their 4 year old announcing their name and residence!
  • Provide software and laptops so that your employees can access their corporate computers from home.

Do you have any stories or effective conference call solutions? If so, we would love to hear them! Please comment below or visit our twitter and/or facebook pages to add your tips on how to deal with snowstorms!

Steve-HeatonAbout the Author: Steve Heaton is the Founder and President of Conference Calls Unlimited. Steve has been in the telecommunications industry since 1995.