Conrad Hilton’s Message to America

Conrad Hilton's message to America? “Please put your shower curtaino  inside the bath tub.” This must have been born of many years experience seeing how water spreads and leaks to the floor below. Our company, Conference Calls Unlimited, also has a message for America. Please mute your conference line when not speaking. This message is born of how much sound leaks unintentionally into a conference call. It can be anything from pots and pans falling to the floor, background restaurant noises, colleagues at work talking, to road noise from a driving cellphone warrior. Noise can also come from VOIP phones, speaker phones, cell phone static, etc. Fortunately if noisy participants are clueless the host can mute everyone out. Some of  our services  have a web page where the host can monitor the lines and mute out a specific offending line. So please America put your curtains inside the bath tub and mute your line on conference calls.