Corporate Beehiving and Business Integration

Cutting edge innovation, whether it is product development or refining  corporate systems can benefit from looking into nature and mimicking its efficiency. There is actually a new discipline called biomimicry, which studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems. Michael O'Malley sees the benefit of this principle of looking to nature, and writes about it below.Michael O'Malley in his The Wisdom of Bees writes the following:

Bees have honed an exceptionally complex system of information exchange by which they monitor internal and external conditions, convey hive status and needs to one another and direct activities . . . perhaps we could take what the bees do so well and apply it to our institutions so we do better.

Baseline Magazine has an in depth report on the beehiving phenomenon that has started to grow and evolve in companies using social networking tools. This document is called, Sharing Knowledge in the Corporate Hive. Download the pdf here. Some tools to help integrate your business or organization include conference calling services, web conferencing/webinar, wikis, shared documents and online, social platforms. Many businesses use conference calling these days. Its one of de facto tools of business today. Surprisingly, Baseline Magazine reports that 61% of organizations now use web conferencing in the armory of increased integration. As technology grows we have a greater opportunity to integrate our organization or business more completely. You have heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” These tools are an opportunity to leverage, refine, organize and share knowledge. Which, in turn increases our power and pull inter-team, and in the field. If you have any questions, comments, insights or would like to share this post with your business colleagues please do so with the functionality below. Happy conferencing and webinaring!