Dial in a Conference Call

Many of us might think we know how “conference calling” works. Do you recall that time you had to call both your aunt in Wyoming and your grandmother in Minnesota to patch things up things between them? Or how about that time in middle school when you would just die if you couldn’t talk to Molly and Sally at the same time? This kind of conference calling requiresone to dial phone number A, press the flash button, then dial phone number B, and wait for both parties to pick up. Yet, today in the business world the idea of dialing in to a conference call is significantly more sophisticated, dare I say complex, and indeed quite proper-business-like-ish. Did I spell that right? Firstly, a dial in conference call in the business world means that from two to as many as ten thousand participants can dial one universal number from either their home, office phone, or even Skype. Dialing in to this number connects a user to the conference call, whether it be an office wide meeting, an event, or even a prayer group. For example, many companies hold dial in conference calls available to all of their shareholders to go over quarterly numbers. In this sense, a dial in conference call is extremely convenient for connecting groups long distance. You might be asking yourself, how is a dial in conference call any better than a free online voice chat, or some of the more popular free applications? The answer is numbers. These free platforms may seem like the obvious option. However, they are not all reliable. The more users one adds to a conference call using some of these free services, the more problems arise. Users report that even after adding more than three people, lines can be dropped and connections slow down. The last thing any person of business needs is a conference call that goes wrong. So, if you are looking to have a long distance company meeting, host an event for anyone that wishes to listen, or even schedule a phone-wide class reunion because you’re too impatient to wait ten years to see Molly and Sally, then stick with easy and reliable dial in conference calls. If you would like more information on our premier conference calling solutions please contact a CCU representative at1-888-901-3471. Additional: Audio-conferencing services at Northwestern