DON’T Use a Cell Phone

This is a true story. I know that because it's my story and my confession. I used a cell phone a few weeks ago on a conference call. It was a conference call with a customer, too. I happened to be driving through Michigan at the time of the call. It was important, too important to miss. So my wife took over driving and I dialed in. I may as well not attended. Here's why: The traffic noise with trucks rolling by every 10-15 seconds along with the distraction of being a passenger trying to handle my laptop and listen (I was using a blue-tooth connection.) made my contribution almost worthless. And then I had calls coming in to the cell phone, further distracting me, forcing me to jump off the conference call and then back on, making me a further distraction. None of this would have occurred had I been in my office. My cell phone would have been turned off. My IM service would have been set to DND. Calls to my office would have dropped into VM. Juggling my laptop on my desk would not have been Cirque du Soleil like challenge. So. Showing the flag by being their on the call was …nice. But after that, it was a distraction. At best. DON'T use a cell phone on a conference call. If it's not important enough to pull over…it's not important enough to attend.