E-Learning Conference in Berlin

We have stepped into an exciting new paradigm for learning via the advance of web conferencing and webinar technologies. If you are a business, educational or public sector professional, ICWE has put together a 2 day professional meeting called 'New Learning Cultures'. You will rub elbows with over 2000 participants from 100 countries. With e-learning sweeping the educational and business world Online Educa sponsors have raised serious questions on how to use this technology effectively:

How should we teach? How can we learn? Do we need a new culture of learning? Are the old methods dead? In a world of rapid technological change, is training enough or do we need to encourage the adaptability that only education can bring? And how can the delivery of education keep up with the pace of change?

You will rub elbows with over  2000 participants from 100 countries and meet some of the worlds most innovative thinkers. Over 400 speakers will focus on the above mentioned key topics. The will lead discussions and drill into research based evidence on learning. Many of them will also examine the emergence of leading edge content, technology and tools. You will also have a chance to see what e-learning manufacturers, suppliers have come up with new products. Are You a Leader in Webinar and Web Conferencing Education? Then you may want to submit a paper on such subjects as:

  • Shifts in Learning Culture
  • Contents, Practices, and tools
  • New Learning Environments
  • New Practics Driving New Policies and Processes
  • Learning Transforming Society

Networking Opportunities Galore There are a number of ways participants can gain from this conference. They include advertising, exhibiting or partnerships. As a networker you will reach a highly motivated exclusive target group and become a key player in the e-learning industry.

Steve-HeatonAbout the Author: Steve Heaton is the Founder and President of Conference Calls Unlimited. Steve has been in the telecommunications industry since 1995.