Event conference calling is a convenient and easy way to host meetings or other events, from regularly scheduled company meetings to large corporate investor relations. Conference Calls Unlimited offers phone conferencing, web conferencing, and audio streaming services that are easy, convenient, and cost effective solutions to host these important business events.

With our quality services you can rest assured you and your event guests will be taken care of. You will have the ability and support to host thousands of participants and customize your meeting or event with dedicated operators who will manage your Q & A, polling session, and provide post-event reports.

Let us help you reach your audience with a fully managed event that anyone can attend. Here’s an overview of just a few of the ways Conference Calls Unlimited can help customize and/or improve your event conference calling:

  • Highest quality technology: Enjoy 99.9% reliable conference calls every time with our dedicated reservationless phone conferencing, which is easy for attendees all over the world to dial into.
  • International calling: Host global events by taking advantage of our international conferencing options, inlcuding toll-free dial-in, toll dial-in, or dial-out options for your international guests to gain access to the call.
  • Use video and screen sharing: Take your event online and share video feeds, desktop screens, and tools to encourage engagement from your virtual audience, whether you’re presenting, teaching, or just meeting up with a group.
  • Stream audio: Reach an audience of thousands for a live audio event, be it a conference call, a presentation, or a pre-recorded segment. Use web tools for chat, polling, and recording to enhance the streaming experience.

The next time you are putting together an upcoming event for which you need to organize audio, video, screen sharing, and/or presentations, give us a call and we will custom fit your unique solution. Learn more about any service and ask any questions you may have at 1-888-901-3471.

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