Guidelines to Successful Conference Calls

What are some of the guidelines to successful conference calls? The below guidelines include  a number of dry run and testing procedures so that the conference call host and guests are familiar with the service and it’s capabilities in different geographic environments.

  • Test out the conference call bridge number in advance. This will ensure that you have an operable number. Also test the specific access codes for the host and for the guests. These testing procedures ensure that no errors have occurred in the assignment of the phone number and codes. Also become familiar with the muting functions, conference lock, roll call etc. that your phone conferencing service comes with.
  • Do a dry run on the recording function. Keyboard commands on your phone will start and stop the recording. Once you have recorded the conference call go through the steps of retrieving the recording from the recording website. After retrieving the recording listen to it to assess recording quality. The clarity may vary with the type of phone you have or whether you use the phone as a speakerphone or speak into a mouthpiece. Lower quality can also occur when using a cell phone.
  • Encourage overseas guests to test out the toll free phone number and familiarize themselves with procedures to call in from overseas. Usually the toll free conference call number has all the numbers included to use in dialing into the U.S. Those unfamiliar with dialing out may add unnecessary prefix numbers that could block the call from going through. You can build redundancy by also giving the toll dial in number to that particular conference call bridge..
  • Disruptive noises occasionally occur on conference calls. These nuisance sounds include someone putting their phone on hold. This could result in the host and guest being treated to a medley of on hold music. Line static, echoing can also occur.  If this occurs hit the *0 function on the phone to alert an operator that you need some assistance. The operator can locate the source of the issue and easily correct the situation for you.
  • Hosts have the  option to automatically end the entire conference call when they hang up. While this option prevents guests from hanging around and chewing the fat on your nickel. It can backfire on a host though. If the conference host conducts the conference call while traveling and he enters a deadspot in  cell phone he will be dropped from the call. When the host dials back in he will find that the call has ended automatically when he entered the dead spot!

These are just a few of the guidelines to successful conference calls. If you ever need more help our seasoned professionals at Conference Calls Unlimited are standing by with answers to your questions.