How to Make Your Conference Call More Secure

In this digital age, where a lot of our information is shared online through emails, social media, and file sharing services, a major concern for many people is in keeping their data safe and secure. This applies to conference calls as well, as you can’t have sensitive personal or business information available to just anyone.

Follow these simple steps from Conference Calls Unlimited (CCU) to make your conference calls safer and more secure from unwanted listeners.

Change your access codes

Periodically change the codes that the host and guests use to join the conference call bridge. Just like it is advised to change your internet passwords periodically, changing your access codes from time to time acts as a simple measure to prevent people who shouldn’t have the code from knowing it. If an unexpected person like a competitor, former employee, the wrong employee, or the press somehow gets access to the number, you can change it right away.

If you’re using our phone conferencing services, you can give us a quick call and we’ll change your access codes for you. Then inform your intended guests of the new code. We recommend that you change your access codes once or twice a year, or more frequently if you discover issues with security or a breach in confidentiality.

Start right when you want to

Set up hold music to play for guests until you arrive on the call. This prevents callers from joining early and beginning to discuss matters on your agenda, or have other conversations, before you as the host arrive on the call. You can stay on time and on track with this feature, eliminating the confused or distracted pre-call chatter.

With phone conferencing services from CCU, you can enable hold music for guests with a quick call to customer service.

Enable “Name Recording On Entry” feature           

With phone conferencing from CCU, you can use a feature called Name Recording On Entry. This feature prompts each guest arriving to the call to provide their name before joining, and the name is announced as they enter and exit the call. This allows you to know exactly who is on the conference call as well as when they leave it.

You can enable this feature so that guest names are stated privately to the host by opting for Name Recording with Private Playback. Or, have the name announced to all of the guests on the conference call with Name Recording with Entry Announcement.

Lock your conference call

Once all of your intended guests have arrived to the conference call, enable the conference call lock feature. This prohibits any other callers from joining in. In addition to preventing any unwanted guests from getting in on the call, this is also a great way of ensuring punctuality from all of your guests—if they’re not on time, they won’t be let in!

On our phone conferencing services, you can easily enable call lock by pressing *7 on your dialpad. Do note that when this feature is enabled, guests who leave the call will not be able to re-join. An operator also cannot be reached if the host or guests need assistance from one.

Request an attendee count

At any time during your conference call, you can request a count of the attendees currently on the call. With our phone conferencing services, this can be easily done by dialing *8 on your phone. As long as you have the number of guests that should be on the call, you can compare it with the attendee count to ensure that no unexpected callers are present.

Note that any guest using a 3-way calling feature to add another guest to the conference call will only count as one caller. The attendee count includes only the number of direct call connections.

Force-quit the conference call

When you’re ready to end the conference call, prevent other guests from lingering afterwards to have separate conversations on your dime. Force-quit the call so that it ends when you, as the host, want it to. All guests will leave the call at this time.

Give our customer service number a call if you are using CCU’s phone conferencing services and want to start using this feature.

Consider choosing operator-assisted calls

For the most secure and personalized experience for your conference calls, try our operator-assisted services. An experienced operator can perform all of the above features for you, allowing you to focus on hosting your call and staying on task. The operator can screen each guest before entry, asking for his or her name, company, and even cross-check the caller ID with the number you have on file for the guest. The operator will allow only your intended guests into the call, and assist with any issues that come up throughout.

Give us a call at (888) 901-3471 to find out more about the rates and features of this service and start using it to achieve secure, convenient conference calls.

Protect your call recordings

If you record a conference call and plan to make it available to your guests for download, you need to protect that recording from misuse. Make sure you offer the download on a secure, password-protected website and provide that password to only your intended guests or recipients.

Avoid sending a recording file that is directly attached to an email. Instead, set up and link to a webpage where guests can download it for a limited time. This will reduce duplication and prevent a wider distribution of the recording than intended.

At Conference Calls Unlimited, we know how important confidentiality is for your sensitive business information discussed on a call. We believe conference calls can be a perfectly safe and secure means of communication, and we want to help you achieve an easy and worry-free conference every time.