How to Set Up a Conference Call:  Tips for Efficiency and Purposefulness

We all know conference calls vary in scope and size. However, if we look at the fundamentals, the set up of even your large scale conference call can be much easier. What can go wrong? We’ve all been there – participants forgetting to mute their line, calls being dropped, incompetent software, unprepared agendas, it seems the list can go on and on. Conference Calls Unlimited offers not only dependable service and quick set up, but great resources to help organize behind the scenes as well.Here is a brief 0:46 second video by by conference calling expert and sales professional Shawn Frey on How to Set up a Conference Call

Now, several elaborations on Shawn's video above. How to set up a conference call and ensure maximum efficiency, quality, and purposefulness… Read below to ensure that your conference calls will always be worth it!

Choose your participants wisely First ask yourself, are the participants talking, or just listening? Who needs to be on the call? These are great questions to get clear on from the get go.  Conference Calls Unlimited can provide quality service for thousands of your teleconference participants. So, in a presentation or lecture situation, you can rest easy and include anyone that wants to listen! However, if it’s important that you keep track of certain participants or to organize speakers, you might want to consider operator-assisted calls. Our operators can help in many ways. Basically our operators are your assistants to help set up, and ensure a smooth flow. If your participants will literally be participating, then think about cutting your number down for simplicity and efficiency. Only those fully involved in the topics at hand to be discussed should be present. The last thing you want is for you or your participants to feel like they shouldn’t be there.

Be on the same page and have a clear agenda For those who are actively exchanging with your participants on the conference call, it’s important to have an outlined agenda. What is the main focus of the conference? What will other key speakers be talking about? Now, narrow down and simplify the conference to that happy and efficient land where the two circles of desire combine. One major key to a call going just as planned is to set up properly by, having a clear agenda.

Clear information Make sure that all participants, including yourself, are clear on when and how to connect to the call! With Conference Calls Unlimited, each account receives a card (available upon request) with the date and time of the call, as well as the dial in number for the call. With this handy card,  you can be sure you have all the correct details for yourself and your participants.

Choose your facilitator A great conference call set up starts with a clear conference call host. Choose a facilitator who is a good leader, organized, articulate, focused and can relate to his/her audience. Now that you’ve read a few main tips on how to successfully set up a conference call, we look forward to hearing about your success. Please feel free to comment in the comments section down below.

Additional Resources: Tips on leadership from University of Oregon

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