Internet Security: Does Your Sensitive Data Roam the World?

Internet security can be an issue for businesses. Every day a flow of sensitive information and otherwise leaves your company via the internet. Once out the door there is no turning back. You have contracts, agenda points, financial forecasts, tutorials, private podcasts and all kinds of private communications heading into the wild blue yonder. Your company may mark it as private, but forwarded emails can take on a life of their own. Your private company information could have the dubious honor of ending up on! As a more practical and general resource for your internet security, provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against internet fraud. You can use this resource to find out more about securing your computer, and protecting your personal information. In the conference calling services industry hundreds of our customers send out meeting agendas, briefing points, and background materials. And then afterward post a podcast online. To provide security we will launch a new digital rights management service to protect your confidential information. For example, your company wants to send out a confidential financial report to 50 people. With a subscription to our service, you would upload it to a secure encrypted server. From the server you would send out an email to all 50 people. You have the option of them viewing it on the site, giving them a certain number of times to view and protecting the information from being copied via screen sharing or printing. If downloaded you have the options of the document “disintegrating” after a certain period of time. Also CCU's digital rights management solutions blocks printing copies and forwarding the attachment to other parties. In summary, our digital rights management solution will provide enterprise customers with a cost effective way to securely encrypt, apply a wide array of rights management security controls and track and report all of your proprietary and confidential content in an easy to use application tool.