Mute and Unmute Caller Lines for Greater Call Efficiency

One great way to help ensure that your phone conference is very efficient and stays on track is to utilize the Mute and Unmute function. This feature enables the Chairperson to mute all the callers that joined your phone conference as a Participant. The Participant is able to hear everything being said on the conference, however their line is muted. This functionality is a free feature.

Here are some examples of when the Chairperson may wish to Mute the lines: Chairperson wishes to explain results and is not ready to offer a Question and Answer session yet. Chairperson wants to ensure that the phone conference is free from Participant to Participant conversations. Chairperson wants to ensure that there are no background noises that echo throughout the conference, side conversations between Participant to Participant, static from a bad landline or cell phone connection or laptop or keypad work. When or if the Chairperson wishes to then have a Question and Answer session he or she can then Unmute all the Participant lines and make the phone conference interactive. All Chairperson and Participants also have the option to Mute their own individual line as well.

For more specific instructions relating to the Mute and Unmute function for your phone conference room, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Support Group at 1-877-227-0611, ext. 3 or email at